Stationery stuff – Where to buy it?

Stationery can be needed when you are living in Saigon. This city can be amazing or boring for some people, can be so dynamic that you feel like you want to excel and doing new things, new projects, OR can be so boring for some people that you need to do something new, something creative, something you have never done before. Stationery stuff are so cheap in this city that it will be pity not to enjoy it!

There is several places where you can get whatever you need, to make jewelry boxes for example, paintings, Avent calendars, flowers crown, price tags for garage sales you might join or any hand crafted gifts.

The most convenient place is on Nguyen Dieu Sieu street because a small part of it it is dedicated to stationery stuff. It is between the crossroad Nguyen Dinh Chieu/Pasteur and crossroad Nguyen Dieu Chieu/Pham Ngoc Thach you will find 3-4 shops that sell big format white and color papers, adhesive tapes (all kind), ropes (thin and thick), pencils and markers, pieces of thin wood or plastic, price tags gun, paper bags (all size), green paper rods, canvas and more.

If you would like something even more central, you can go on Le Loi street in district 1. You will find 2 shops close to each other, one on 58 Le Loi street right next to the crossroad with Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street. This place also sells decoration for special occasion such as Christmas and Lunar New Year for example, and you will see the other just few meters further if you head toward pasteur street.

Now, grab your pen and scissor, its time to let talk your imagination!

And if you want to do more such as, create your own gardening balcony or start sewing your own clothes, you can read more here.

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