Where to buy bed sheets

1. 1988 HOME UP is a small shop on 27bis Trần Nhật Duật, not far from the famous restaurant Cuc Gach Quan, and they also have a second shop on 138 Ký Con in district 1. They have a very large choice of bed covers, pillow cases and blankets. With a contemporary style, they offer many different colors, stripes or plain, or with pattern. The combo blanket with 2 pillow cases is about 1,150,000 VND. More information here.

2. THE 7 STUDIO have two shops, one on SA2-2 Sky Garden 1 in district 7 and another on 25 Le van Mien in district 2. The 7 Studio is an architecture and interior design company that also sells bed sheets. They offer two kind of inner quilt covers, one you can not wash that costs 350,000 VND and one with really good quality that you can wash, that costs 620,000 VND. The quilt covers costs around 690,000 VND for the queen size. More information here.


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  1. I love this place!! Mônier brand is also going to launch soon their 2nd collection of home wear goods in HCM and online 🙂
    Right next to this shop is another shop that sells really great furniture and a very good value for money deal!

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