Refined Lunch at Stellar

I am always on the lookout for new places to eat, where to go have some drinks, and here is the place, Stellar that I have found few months ago  when I was on the way to go probably to The Deck or MadHouse.

Stellar is this elegant and impressive yellow house at the end of Tran Ngoc Dien street that reminds me the architecture in Hoi An.

The house is gorgeous, designed with taste with an outdoor, indoor, a balcony, two rooms for private dinners and a cigar lounge.

This place is definitely a high standards restaurant and I would say you would preferably go for a special occasion like you go to La Villa or Les 3 Gourmands because the total bill at the end is as expensive even if the unit price of each dish does not seem too expensive but quite reasonable.
I don’t remember if they offer a set lunch or dinner menu, I did order à la carte and I remember I wanted to try top dishes to really experiment their cuisine and see how they position themself among such competitors like Le Corto or as I mentioned before, La Villa and Les 3 Gourmands.
So I started with a Lobster Bisque tp begin. The starters, soups and salads are roughly at 300,000 VND ++ (starting at 225k for my starter – 590k for a Foie gras Terrine from Toulouse – France). For main course, I ordered a “Kurobuta” Steak, it is like a signature dish. It is a grilled Kurobuta pork chop served with mashed potatoes, grilled apple, carrot confit and pommery mustard sauce, costing 420,000 VND ++ and it is the cheapest dish in the main courses list while the tenderloin steak 200g is 1,050,000 VND ++. For the dessert, I went for a Stellar Combo which is 350,000 VND and offers a coconut cake, banana panna cotta, and chocolat lava cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries.
Prices are reasonable I think, for the standard of the place. The service is excellent even if sometime it happends that they ask too many times if everything is OK.

I had a great time there, and now, knowing that they are offering happy hour for ladies on Wednesday from 7-9PM, I will definitely go there to enjoy some drinks in this fabulous place. More info here.

Set Lunch 390,000++ VND

Avocado Prawns

Steam banana prawns mixed fresh avocado dice, capsicum, mango, cherry vin tomato, truffle oil and balsamic reduction on top ebiko.


Soup Of The Day

Stellar soup of the day


Spaghetti Prawns

Sautéed spaghetti with banana prawn, basil, parmesan cheese in tomatoes sauce.


Garden Sea bass

Pan-seared Sea bass fillet served with mixed salad, boil potato and meuniere sauce


Short Rib Port Au Feu

Slow-cooked Australian short rib in chicken stock, carrot, potatoes and leek.


Raspberry Layer

Raspberry layer served with fresh berries.


Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry ice cream served with fresh berry.


Coffee or Tea