The best pastry & bread ever

When you have lived almost all your life in Europe or have traveled a lot and got to know what is a croissant, pain au chocolat, baguette and others, finding the same quality is very important to feel home here.

So where to find good pastries and breads ?

Of course Annam is an option but if you want to get the best bread in town, you should better go to :

  1. Voelker in Thao Dien for the Ciabatta or Sour bread, and for all the parties they offer (Pain au chocolat, Croissant, Chausson aux pommes, etc.)
  2. Saint Honoré in Thao Dien also has good breads like the pain de campagne and a large choices of pastry
  3. Le Padam also has good home made baguette in Thao Dien
  4. Paul at Takashimaya/ Saigon Center in district 1 has for me the best baguette and excellent pastries such as eclair au chocolat, tarte citron meringuee, tarte rubarbe and so on

Prices are both in Voelker & Saint Honoré the same, 20-25k for the pastry or the baguette, around 40k the sophisticated ones. At Paul, the baguette is 44k and pastries are around 80k.


baguette at Paul takashimaya
Baguette at Paul takashimaya
tarte fraises at Paul takashimaya
Tarte fraises at Paul takashimaya
Ciabatta from Voeckler

saint honoré thao dien

saint honoré thao dien

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