Little escape – Dong Nai River

Hello Guys,

If you are looking for a little escape on bike, I have an idea for you ! You can easily go to Dong Nai river on bike and it is super fun and cool. Here are all you need to know to get there.


So this is Dong Nai, a huge river in the northeast of HCMC and the red circle is exactly where you should go:



To get this on your google maps, you just set a destination and try to be as close as you can.

Then you will have two options to get there. We took this one (below) on the way to go, which was much longer than expected because the road was a bit dangerous. 2H15 instead of 1H30.


And on the way back, we took this one which was much nicer. You go up and down on the mountains and ride along side the river, it’s really beautiful and safer. This one took us 2H.


When you get there you will see, it is a huge river where the water level is not very high, it is probably the case from December to April when is not raining in Saigon. However, the water is clear and clean, you can jump in !

When the road is behind you and you are facing the river, if you look on the right side, you will see a restaurant where you can have vietnamese food. Don’t expect too much, they just serve basic vietnamese food like mi Xao Bo, Bo Luc Lac and so on BUT they have plenty of beers !

Thats it !

If you have any questions, feel free to ask !







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    1. Hello Rouspetard !
      You can stay over there, the restaurant also offers rooms but standard will be very local. Indeed, I would more suggest it as a day trip !

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