Gourmet Grocery Stores

Hello You,

What about talking about something essential to survive in this jungle ? Gourmet products and foreigners’ goods !

Yes, living in Saigon is quite cheap. Yes, eating western food is much more expensive. So how to cook western food or buy western products without becoming totally broke ?

I have found those two places right next to each other in the city center on 58 & 60 Ham Nghi street. They have less expensive product that you usually find at Annam Gourmet, but also have some products that sometime you can find at An Phu supermarket in Thao Dien (District 2), like puff pastry, whipping cream, all the spices, roquet salad, yellow lemon, truffle oil etc.

To summarize where to go shopping for western goods :

  1. Phuong Ha and Thai Hoai on 58 Ham Nghi (District 1). NB: They don’t have good cheeses
  2. Annam Gourmet on Ha Ba Trung (District 1), on Thao Dien street (District 2) or Saigon Center (District 1). NB: Good for cheeses and charcuterie.
  3. An Phu Supermarket on Thao Dien street (District 2)


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