Cultive your own aromatic herbs

Hello guys,

I love cooking a lot and was a bit fed up of wasting the aromatics and vegetables that I just bought at Annam Gourmet or Phuong Ha because I did not need all of it, so I decided to cultive my own plants to save money and to have mine at disposal whenever I needed.

I started buying some wooden cases at a garage sale (100k each) but you can make your own wooden cases, you have one shop on Vinh Khanh street in district 4 and it might be cheaper. Or you can also use glass pots like the Bonne Maman jam ones. Then you need to put a plastic bag in the wooden case bottom and cover it with  the soil that cost about 25,000K for a bag of 8kg and plant the seed that cost about 10k per bag. I usually buy everything on Quoc Huong street in Thao Dien, district 2, at the crossroad with street 41 & 65. You also have few shops on Tran Nao, also in district 2. However, you can also find seeds and soil at Big C at the fruit & vegetable aisle. I have also found that Viet Green Food on 176 Hai Ba trung street, right in front of Saigon Square, also sells aromatic herbs in pots such as rosemary and thyme.

For the decoration I bought some slates at the stationary/decoration shop near by the 68 Le Loi street and cost around 14k each.

This is the result !