A real christmas dinner at home

Because Christmas is coming, you may want to prepare a huge festin for your family and friends, make it as much as you can a Christmas like you used to do at home, so here are where to get your roast turkey and other poultries, and your indispensable Christmas log !

Turkey and other poultries:

Annam Gourmet: They offer roasted turkeys with chestnuts, recipe made by Chef Sakal (a French chef well-known in Saigon) for 360,000 VND the kilo, big enough for 10 people. They also have roast lamb with provencal herbs and other roast pig and duck. In their catalog, you will also find seafood like lobsters, mussels and oysters, caviar and wine.

Equatorial Hotel: They offer roast turkey (from 2,200,000 VND for 6-8 people), lamb (2,100,000 VND for 3kg), Australian beef (2,600,000 VND for 3-3,5kg), Gammon ham boneless (1,150,000 VND for 3,5 kg) and side dishes like cajun potatoes wedges, mashed potatoes, braised red cabbage and many more for 150,000 VND the 500gr. The VAT is included in the prices and delivery is free. See more here.

Pendolasco: It is an Italian restaurant on 87 Nguyen Hue. They offer the roasted turkey for 450.000VND the kilo with stuffing chestnut, sauce, side dish by side and free delivery in district 2. You need to book two days in advance.

Christmas logs:

Annam Gourmet: Still in their catalog, they offer the christmas log for 445,000 VND for a cake for 4 people, from 600,000 to 700,000 VND for a 6 people cake.

Marou Chocolat: They offer individual part of Christmas logs for around 115,000 VND. However, if you would like to have a bigger cake for about 8 people (they have only one size which is 70cm), it costs 800,000 VND, VAT included. They don’t delivery and you need to pay a deposit before to secure the order.

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